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What is The Agora?

The agora was a central public space in ancient Greek city-states where the people of a community assembled or gathered.

It became the center of religious, political, judicial, social, commercial, artistic, athletic life in, or of, the greater community. In modern Greek the term “agora” refers to the “marketplace”. The Ekklesia were the people of a community called out or summoned to the agora primarily to discuss and determine governmental, political and/or judicial matters.
The “WOW” stands for “Window On the World” and agora is the place or, in this context, the social networking platform that citizens of any city, town, village, or rural area in the world can use, free of charge, to focus upon and showcase their local geographic community.

Why did we develop another social networking platform?

We had originally referred to this new web platform as “WOWcities” but since that name excluded towns, villages and rural areas, and seemed to miss the real essence of what we desire to convey, it just didn’t sit right. It wasn’t until recently that we were inspired with what we believe is a more accurate name….

Why? Because it will allow local communities around the world to better…


Connect with others in your neighbourhood, district and/or local community, but also throughout the entire world.


Find and meet people in person who share common interests and concerns regarding their community.


Provides a forum for people to collaborate on how best to showcase and better their communities.


Provide a place, tools, resources for people of a community to embrace, enlarge, exercise and express their creativity.


Share the ideas, thoughts about the concerns & issues on your heart regarding their community.


Bring together like-minded people and encourage to become more actively involved in their community.


Create the best environment for the gifts and abilities of all the people in a community to grow, survive and thrive.


Encourage, stimulate and coordinate the celebration of many things throughout their neighbourhoods and larger communities.

How does WOWagora differ from other social platforms?

Does NOT muzzle free speech !

…but accepts and encourages free speech!

Does NOT bombard members with advertising!

…but encourages members to shop and support LOCAL!

Does NOT have algorithms tracking our members' every move!

…but views what members do on our site as contributions to better their community, not contributions to our coffers!

Does NOT sell members' information about themselves or other members to anyone!

…but welcomes and views members as a valuable community citizen not as a product!

Does NOT charge members for using our powerful social platform!

Development of the WOWagora platform has been privately funded, but ongoing monthly expenses and improvements DOES need and we most certainly welcome financial support via donations!


This site is not officially launched to the public at large so, while conducting this alpha test, please do NOT share it, or it’s content with anyone outside of WOWagora members. THANKS!